Thursday, September 30, 2010

New season, new blog!

Jacq's Baby Girls are ready...

and join their big sisters, Jacq's Girls.

A ballerina will be joining them soon!


  1. These are very cool. I love their hair AND their very sweet dresses! How tall are they, Jacq?

    Wish I was in DC today, for the Jon Stewart rally!

  2. Susan,

    Thanks for stopping by! The baby girls are 20 inches high. The "big" girls are about 14 inches high.

    The people I talked to had a great time at the rally.

  3. Thanks for the sizes, Jacq. They are lovely!

    I forgot to say that I hope your college event was really good, too! I know how hard it is sometimes to choose between two things we really want to do!

    Thanks also for sending me your email re the sizes, so I came back to reply. Peace, Susan