Thursday, October 28, 2010

The trouble with me and blogs

I like to write.  That is not the issue.  Here is what happens:

I might be cooking, or driving, or something else that is not writing-conducive.  An idea for a blog post pops into my head.  I compose the entire post in my head and consider which pictures to use.  I edit.  I am happy with my imaginary blog post.  And then my brain is finished with it and moves on to something else, as if I actually posted. 

This tends to leave the actual blog neglected, but the one in my head is fantastic, kind of like when you plant dozens of bulbs and imagine the glorious spring bloom, but end up with three rather sickly daffodils. (I just made that up.  That has never happened to me.  My daffodils are quite hardy.  All three of them.)

So I am going to try -- really, really try -- to post on a semi-regular basis about what I am working on and occasional randomness.  Are you with me?

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