Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Was Just...

Those have to be the most dangerous words in the world.  "I was just" usually leads to a lengthy explanation of all the obstacles that cropped up in the course of trying to do something simple.  One time, I was just going to dust the coffee table and the bookshelves.  But then I thought it would be good to see what we really had on the shelf under the coffee table.  Which made me think sorting and culing was a good idea, not just for that shelf, but for the bookshelves that were also in the living room.  Which led to the floor being so overwhelmed by books that it was impossible to cross the room. 

Today's journey into "I was just" started with a simple task: cut the strips for a baby quilt for a church member. 

That didn't happen.  PTA discussions, website design, children, website.  Maybe tomorrow I'll just...

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