Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Doll-Making Time!

You know how you go to Costco and buy a gigantic box of trash bags that lasts for years and you forget that the box isn't really bottomless until you finally, finally reach in there and there is nothing?  And there's that feeling of, "When did I last buy trash bags?"  And you start measuring the time by the ages of your children (I'm pretty sure that was when we bought the fourth Harry Potter book and he was in the fifth grade then...)?

That's pretty much what happened to me.  The last time I dyed I did about 6 yards of fabric.  I had dolls, too, just waiting for loving homes.  I was comfortable.

Then I started looking for a particular shade of fabric and realized I had used it all.  And the dolls were dwindling.  A couple of them looked kind of lonely.

Savannah is smiling on the outside, but inside she misses her friends.

Time to make some girls!  I dyed almost 10 yards of fabric and started tracing patterns.

Hang on, Savannah!  More girls are on the way.


  1. I found you on FB through a mutual friend. I am intrigued that you dyed your fabric. Do you do it outside, in a studio? Is it cotton, muslin? I have a love for the Arts. I am not an artist but enjoy crafting.

  2. Never mind the above. I found the answer in the sidebar,

    1. No problem! Thanks for visiting. What kind of crafting do you do?