Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Staying Class-y

New year, new challenges and opportunities!

I started 2011 with a class by Carla Sonheim, The Art of Silliness.  I try to act like a responsible adult, but I'm actually rather silly. The class was 30 days long, with a worksheet to do each day.  I made it to about day 7.  I still have the other worksheets...

This year, I am starting with a class by Carla Sonheim.  Again.  But not the silliness class, because that would be just too silly, even for me.  No, this one is Faces 101.  The "101" in the title does not refer to any introductory status like Econ 101 or History 101; it refers to the 101 faces we will draw by the end of the class.  Did I mention that this class only lasts five days?  That's a lot of faces.

We are using different media for each assignment, and so far I have over forty from the Monday and Tuesday lessons.

On Monday, we were to do 8 watercolor faces.  Because these were imaginary people, it was easy to just let the paint tell me what the person was going to look like.  The two girls in the middle are my favorites.

On Tuesday, one of our assignments was to use acrylic ink and a dropper to draw 10 people from pictures.  I used a high school yearbook from 1980.  The ink was kind of hard to control, but it forced me to work in a very loose way.  I ended up liking what I did, except for some of the smearing.

Off to today's challenge!