Friday, January 28, 2011

The Auction Quilt, Phase 1

Monday was the official start of the auction quilt.  Here's the idea: the silhouettes of the children will form the border of the quilt.  When they were in kindergarten, I let them paint their heads.  We're just doing simple black-on-white silhouettes for this one.

AMCC profile for pattern

The interior will look like a game board, with Pre-K in the Start position.  The squares that follow that will contain something that the kids remember from Pre-K.  Then kindergarten, first grade, and so on, with the second-to-last square for their graduation and a blank square after that (or maybe a question mark, the children were split on that). The class has 19 children, eight of whom started at the school in Pre-K.  They are a good, tight group of incredibly smart kids. 

The teacher liked the idea, so on Monday I went in to take the children's pictures for the silhouettes and get ideas for things to include in the game squares.  Because this is not the first time I have worked on a quilt with most of the kids, they knew that if I was there it must be quilt time.  They actually look forward to it, even the boys, which I find very sweet. 

One girl volunteered to record the responses and off we went.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  They had fond memories of some years (We got lockers! Lots of field trips! We made our first quilt!) that I was happy to include.  They had not-so-fond memories of other years (That time the teacher got so mad and ...! We didn't get to do anything!) that, while honest and/or screamingly funny in their retellings, were highly inappropriate for what may be viewed as a sentimental journey through elementary school.

The auction is not until May.  Despite my careful calculations, I have no doubt that somehow, I have already outsmarted myself on this quilt and will only discover the problem when fixing it will be extremely time-consuming.  That aside, once I have a mock-up ready, I'll go back to the classroom and enjoy hearing what these lively, lovely kids have to say.

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