Sunday, November 14, 2010

A sigh of relief

The Christmas quilt has been signed, sealed, and delivered!   

My client and I first discussed the idea for this quilt one year ago.  She wanted a recreation of the scene she remembered her grandfather setting up under their Christmas tree when she was a child.  We conferred over almost every detail; the size of the gingerbread men, the placment of the beads, the little figurines. 

It was my goal to have it in her hands before Thanksgiving this year.  Considering when I started, that would not seem to have been much of a challenge, but this year has been extraordinarily busy and she was incredibly patient and understanding.  It really was a joy helping her recreate this cherished Christmas memory.  So here it is:

Under the Tree, 2010 by Jacqueine Bryant Campbell
27" x 47"

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  1. Great job, Jackie!
    What are the dimensions?